tas designbuild m5v customization

Custom Living

Recognizing that everyone has ideals, priorities, lifestyles and passions, TAS DesignBuild made M5V suites flexible…Space was available to be bought raw, or pre-designed. Finishes were able to be selected from a set array, or in the spirit of “carte blanche”. To break the cookie cutter mold, TAS DesignBuild created three levels of suite customization for M5V: Essential Design, Design By Passion and Tailor Fit.

TAS DesignBuild’s M5V represents an innovative opportunity to customize, shape and design your condominium residence in just the way homeowners desire.

“This idea of addressing customization is so unique, we hope our buyers take full advantage of this opportunity.”

Mazyar Mortazavi, Principal, TAS DesignBuild

Why Customization?

In creating M5V as a building where suites can be partially or fully customized, TAS DesignBuild offered a new level of Customer Care Service to condominium homebuyers; one we at TASdesignbuild are familiar with. Through our 25 year history of working with people who see their homes as a reflection of themselves, we have developed an understanding of what makes a perfect residential space. It’s in the whole. And in the details. It’s light in the right spot…Or the simple ease of everyday functions. But most of all, it’s in the joy you have at knowing that your space is all yours: the perfect reflection of who you are and how you live. That’s why customization is essential.

“Everyone is unique, individual, with their own form of self-expression and lifestyle. We want our homes to reflect that.”

Babak Mortazavi, President, TAS DesignBuild

Making the Choice

Starting from standard, move up to where you want to be. TAS DesignBuild’s M5V provides homeowners with a singular opportunity to create a home they want, from a trio of customization options available only from TAS DesignBuild. What these three options give you is this: the choice of customizing your home to fit your individual lifestyle, passions, or home style. Opportunities like this are rare.

Essential Design

This is our “what you see is what you get” standard suite. Essential Design is for those who view our uniquely laid-out suites as ideal. A streamlined process, all you have to do is select one of our carefully articulated spaces then work with one of our on-site Design Advisors to pick your own designer-appointed finishes. Taking the traditional selection and finishes approach, you can choose from our full range of standard and upgrade selections, all of which are guaranteed to reflect the rigor of TAS DesignBuild’s design standard.

Design By Passion

The Chef, The Technophile, The Sensualist – TAS DesignBuild’s Design By Passion program allows homebuyers the opportunity to custom create an area of the home they are passionate about. To streamline your choices, we identified three key “passions” – cooking, relaxing, and the contemporary media experience. Your life a blend of the above? Speak to one of our Design Advisors and see how easily we can accommodate an appropriate design response honed to your needs.

The Chef

Today’s home Chefs are sophisticated – and demand the best. With your input and TAS DesignBuild’s design, our Chef customization will cook up a high-style kitchen that provides streamlined ease, impeccable pro-style function and all the added ingredients to make your culinary experience a dream. As a starting point, the Chef design includes extra counter and storage space, a six burner cook top and an integrated butcher block…Of course, as in the culinary arts, each kitchen can be seasoned to your taste.

The Technophile

With the incredible steps taken to integrate technology into the residential realm, we felt it deserved its own dynamic treatment. So for those who enjoy bringing technology into every aspect of their lives, TAS DesignBuild designed an environment fit for any techno hound – complete with automated home management systems that control lighting, music and the wall-installed plasma screens located throughout your highly atmospheric pad. Ideal, of course, for those who live film, music and the entire modern lounge-back experience.

The Sensualist

The contemporary pursuit of health and the growing appreciation of the benefits of relaxation produced by water therapies led us to create a special customization for the Sensualist. For those who love the pleasures of the relaxing moment, TAS DesignBuild developed a special wet spa area featuring heated floors, a private Steam Shower and an Air Jet Tub. In this customization, we understand the pleasure – mental and physical – is all yours.

Tailor Fit

The location, perfect. The options – unlimited. Tailor Fit is for all those who have visions of buying raw space and turning it into the home of their dreams. This option allows you to specify the size and spatial configuration you require and then, in collaboration with the help of our Design Advisors, or your own designer, have your space customized to exactly what you want. Working within certain design parameters and project timelines, you literally have “carte blanche”: Your personal vision on space, features, finishes and design.