TAS - M5V Neighbourhood

The Address

Named in homage to its postal code, TAS DesignBuild’s M5V is situated on King Street West, just east of Spadina. A stroll away: theatres, restaurants, art galleries, sports, stylish shopping, parks and more.

Its diversity is rich: there’s trad pubs and hip lounge bars, deluxe spas and fitness clubs, bistros and sushi bars, exits (the Gardiner) and entrances (the subway), its where late-night clubs, and quite lakeside morning strolls blend into one. Its fusion is what excites: old and new, high-class and boho, its where the spirit of Toronto merges: new fresh, exciting.

Neighbourhood Fit

TAS DesignBuild’s M5V settles into a neighbourhood that over the past few years has seen a wide range of development. These changes, inspired in part by the boutique hotels and restaurants, are now maturing and providing a growing sense of community. A sophisticated residential neighbourhood in the making, M5V is fortunate to have found a unique location on King Street.

With an architectural diversity that includes modern high-rises and retrofitted warehouse buildings, King and Spadina has an urban atmosphere eclectic enough to suit everyone. TAS DesignBuild designed M5V to create a soothing imprint. With its gated entrance and landscaped courtyard, it elegantly introduces a new development that can only enhance the community of M5V – Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhood.